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July 24, 2016

Sure, it costs less than your coffee at a mall; so go for our coffee-table edition of “Feeling Good” – Certainly, it is a crunchy bite to the inquisitive mind.

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You, the proud owner of the title, should have felt good and it is time to pass comments to me.



June 24, 2016

Why should I buy and read the book “Feeling Good”?


  • “Feeling Good” is a book on soft skills – a modern requirement of job seekers and ‘move-on’ people.
  • “Feeling Good” is just the right book for students who are in the verge of their academic accomplishments. It is meant for those who move from academia to real world.
  • Employability of a candidate is guaranteed to those who reads and follows the contents of the book.
  • While academic skills testifies one to his knowledge level the soft skills authenticates his or her intelligence.
  • Dimensions of the world are learnt in the institutions. But meanings of the world are learnt through soft skills.
  • Learning and practicing soft skills make a person more and more employable.
  • As employability is totally governed by personality acquired, this book not only introduces various aspects of soft skills (also called social skills, people skill, life skills, character education and personality development) but also defines and describes different manifestations of it.
  • It gives students ways and means of leading a perfect life. It provides apt ambience for those who want to develop their personality.
  • Soft skills are discussed in the following themes: Humanitarian, Attitudinal, Ethical, Environmental, Situational, Communication, Knowledgeable, Career, Self-esteem and monitoring, Portrait of a leader and Feeling Good.
  • Smartness is ensured in each reader of the book – to handle a plethora of situations (personal or interpersonal) in day to day life.

Excerpts from the book Chapter wise:

C1 Soft skill manifestations

“…  Soft skills embody verbal skills, poise, sense of humour, smile, self-confidence, eye contact, listening, ability, energy level and intensity, leadership, attitude, integrity, handshake and vocabulary.”

“…To start with, soft skills that govern skills requiring humanly touch are discussed in the chapter titled ‘Humanitarian soft skills’‖ (Chapter 2). Chapter 3 details ‘attitudinal soft skills‘. Here, soft skills depending on one‘s attitude are detailed. Chapter 4, ‘Ethical soft skills‘, describes ethics in one‘s life and actions. In Chapter 5 is a description of ‘Environmental soft skills‘ covering one‘s actions in work and other environments. ‘Situational soft skills‘ – soft skills required to handle critical and demanding situations in one‘s life – form the subject matter of Chapter 6. Communication, as a soft skill, is discussed in Chapter 7. ‘Knowledgeable soft skills‘ covering the necessity of knowing the factual information has been emphasized in Chapter 8. Chapter 9 is dedicated to deal with the matters pertaining to career and is presented as ‘Career soft skills‘.

“… negotiation as a soft skill for professionals of human resources. Students trained in soft skills, essentially in listening, teamwork and responsibility, scored well in their semester ratings.”

“… soft skill with technical skill training program results in student motivation. Soft skills are transferable; and they motivate employees to work smarter rather than harder …”

C2 Humanitarian soft skills

“… honesty, reliability, courtesy, safety, flexibility, personal chemistry, cooperation, team skills belong to this (humanitarian) group. Notice all these are related to humanism.”

C3 Attitudinal soft skills

“… No time‖ is the general phrase many of us use for an excuse. Such lame excuses will not be acceptable to the industry or even among relations. … we have to ‘manage available time‘ and to allot time equitably by prioritizing the works we face. And that is ―Time Management.”

C4 Ethical soft skills

“… Ethics, as such, is nothing physically or structurally existing. But, it is a framework of behaviour of individual and group for a better life. …“

C5 Environmental soft skills

“… our work place environment related questions make another set of soft skills called environmental skills.”

C6 Situational soft skills

“Under the purview of this chapter (situational soft skills) are situation based problems and solving methods discussed. It is true that aptitude tests and certain weird questions are put to candidates to assess their ability and approach to solve the problem.

“… Emotional attributes of love, hatred, laugh, joy, weep, sorrow, lust, desire, etc. influence people. These are non-dimensional experiences with spiritual and/ or metaphysical associations. As they are ‘feel‘ based experiences, they are out of one‘s thinkable state.“

C7 Communication soft skills

“…Transfer of information from one to one or more persons is called communication. … plants and animals, too communicate among them. Modes and media of communication have been variously existent and continually modifying. Touch, bodily signs, oral, art, sound and writing are predominant modes of conveying messages across people. When a child is born, by natural instinct, it cries. Crying is a form of expressing demand and inconvenience of pain. It is oral expression. …”

“… Mind skills are mind processes that influence thinking. …”

“… ‘Face is the index of the mind’. This proverb rightly defines what body language is. It is the human nature to express his/ her feelings, likes or dislikes through one or more of organs of face or in combination of parts of human body. …”

“… How much space we individually prefer in a given situation attenuates our body language. We stand in a crowd in buses, trains and in elevators. We, involuntarily, shrink our face or shrug our shoulders as we dislike that close proximity of people. … So, without ourselves knowing, we draw a personal boundary or limit and prefer a space around us. This desired space is called personal space. …”

C8 Knowledgeable soft skills

“… One is said to be an expert in a knowledge based subject when he is able to apply the tool or subject elements to his needs.”

C9 Career soft skills

“… Persons standing on the verge of commencing their career are baffled with three terms: curriculum vitae, resume and biodata.”

“… You have come all the way to attend and win the game of interview. So do not get baffled by the co-contestants‘ opinions or comments.”

“… Generally employers will like to choose ‘performers‘ and ‘challenge-lovers’. …”

C10 Self-esteem and monitoring

“… Self-esteem is yet another one‘s personal trait which also counts in employment realm. …”

“…We must be ultra strong in at least one skill to keep one above the crowd hunting for jobs and/or promotion. …”

C11 Portrait of a leader

“Father, or an elderly person, is the leader of a family as he shoulders all responsibility of the house. He decides and dictates or announces the decisions to the family. He has answers or solutions to problems and disputes. He loves everybody in the house and treats equally and equitably. He makes others understand his decisions. A leader is thus born. So is the leader of groups other than families. So is the leader of a society. So is the leader of a country.”

“… A few leaders were born by their capacity to acquire powers – the process is called ‘machiavellinism‘.”

C12 Feeling Good

“… As the noble saint His Holiness Ramanar said, ― Past was finished and the future is not sure the present only the truth, use the present, forget the past and plan for the future.”

“… Feeling good is a sort of self communication or intrapersonal communication or auto-suggestion to rejuvenate ourselves to meet or encounter new ventures.”

Buy and benefit for life! Mind you, it costs less than a breakfast!

May 21, 2016

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April 14,2016

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